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Gate, 2017

JOAN, Los Angeles, CA
84” x 51” x 2”
fabricated and powder coated steel, speaker, mp3 player, hardware, wire.
Audio: 4:40
Gate (after WB), 2017
Ed: 3 18” x 12.5”
digital print mounted and framed

September 9 – October 29, 2017

September 9–November 12, 2017

Loren Abbate, C. P. Badger, Michael Carter, Manny Castro, Michael Genovese, Marcos Lutyens, Adam D. Miller, Christina Ondrus, Ali Prosch, David Schafer, Katie Shapiro, Astri Swendsrud, Mungo Thomson, and Landon Wiggs

Gate refers to a movable barrier, a closing or an opening in a fence permitting passage through. William Burroughs refers to language as a mechanism of control, an enclosure, and used the cut-up technique to open it, to break through it. It allowed him to enter into the text, and access language beyond to an alternate world. Gate physically and sonically references a specific Burroughs cut-up text collage. He further cut up this particular text with a line drawing, fragmenting the text even further. Gate is based on this drawing, using it as a plan for the sculpture, which is connected to the wall of the gallery at a right angle. The transcribed text was processed using a digital voice program. The digital voice reading pronounces the words, but sometimes pronounces single letters or just punctuation, depending on the way this cut-up was originally created.

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