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Invisible Dog, Brooklyn, NY, 2013

Maté, Curated by Richard Garet. Performers included Bob Bellerue, David Schafer, Alfredo Marin

DSE performed a live processing of Arnold Schoenberg’s Peirrot Lunaire Op. 21 from 1912. This was the first of three of Schoenbergs works that were performed as live sound processing using digital and analog electronics. 

Pierrot Lunaire, Op. 21 (“Moonstruck Pierrot” or “Pierrot in the Moonlight”), is a melodrama by Arnold Schoenberg. The work is written for a soprano who delivers the poems accompanied by a small instrumental ensemble. Schoenberg had previously used a combination of spoken text with instrumental accompaniment, called “melodrama”. The atonal, expressionistic settings of the text, echoes German cabaret.

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