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New Century Trellis, 1993

MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, New York
New Century Trellis
37’ x 30’ x 19’
welded and painted steel, aluminum, vinyl signage, cables and hardware, concrete.

New Century Trellis, 1993
Public Art Fund of New York

MetroTech Center
Brooklyn, New York

Installed at MetroTech Center in downtown Brooklyn. Two quotes are appropriated and layered, one from an advertising brochure about MetroTech Center, and reads LEADERS OF THE NEW CENTURY TODAY. The other is from Frederick Law Olmsted regarding the adjacent Fort Green Park that he designed in the late 19th century. His quote is about the placement of the Martyrs Monument in the park,  For refreshing purity of air and beauty of prospect, the central part of the square is beyond question to be preferred. The text is superimposed onto the one from MetroTech, as they both wrap around the suspended elliptical sign.

Participating artists included Dan Devine, David Schafer, Laura Nash, Stephen Rueckert.

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