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Paadmaan Video Event, 2019

Paadman Projects, Tehran, Iran

Paadmaan Video Event is an international periodical that surveys current video-based forms of art as an expansive, multi-venue event born in Tehran, Iran. This exhibition explores video as a primary, medium specific artform, as well as documentations of recent and emergent works of art including performance, installation, new media and video art in general. Organized by Paadmaan Projects, the Event considers ‘video’ as it’s central theme.

Always the Sun is a two-channel sound work, channel one is comprised from a spoken word version of Michel Foucault’s “What is an Author” that is cut up into over 150 short individual phrases. Channel two is comprised from Karlheinz Stockhausen’s composition “Kontact”, that is cut up into 100 individual short sections. Both channels are randomly selected and emitted simultaneously generating live sound collage.