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The Essential Poetry Zine, 2022

Volume 1, August, 2022

Organized by Beth Fiedorek

Artists, writers, and poets included are Victoria Aravindham, Lisa Armstrong, Miguel Ayala, Christy Roberts Berkowitz, Cameron Cameron, Jisoo Chung, David Ertel, Beth Fiedorek, Michael Ned Holte, Vanessa Holyoak, Christina Huang, Tom Kotik, ZZ Krebs, Michelle A. M. Miller, Celeste Morton, Max Maslansky, Faatimah Muhammad, Mollie Murphy, Silvi Naci, Provisional Collective, Ieva Raudsepa, Evelena Ruether, Yoshie Sakai, David Schafer, Alan Tofighi, Chris Wawrinofsky, Sterling Wells, Byron Westbrook.