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Two One of a Kind, 2016

Five Car Garage, Los Angeles, CA
Fabricated aluminum, PA speaker, mp3 player, misc. hardware, poster 
92” x 12” x 24” 
Audio: 50:06 
Poster: 18” x 24” off set litho. Ed. 200
Poster: 18” x 24”
off set litho.
Ed. 200

Five Car Garage, LA. CA
January 22nd – March 18th 2016

Adrienne Adar, Alison O’Daniel, Jesse R. Fleming, David Hendren, David Schafer, Jennifer Sullivan, Kelly Kleinschrodt, Pascual Sisto, Scoli Acosta, Stephanie Taylor 

Two One of a Kind samples from an analog source, a cassette tape recording of the author Umberto Eco lecturing at Stanford University in 1987 on the subject of “Fakes and Originals”. The cassette tape was digitized and is emitted in full length as an mp3. On side A of the tape recording, a sample of drumming was added and looped for the duration and on side B a guitar sample was added and looped. As a digital file, the recording is heard continuously as there are no physical sides. The shift from drums to guitar, signify the change in sides of the cassette, but the lecture continues uninterrupted. The accompanying poster appropriates from an ad for Jim Beam bourbon that features the actor Sean Connery who resembles Umberto Eco.

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