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Greeter, 2021

Fabricated and powder coated steel, printed aluminum sign, AI generated face, speakers, audio playback, misc. hardware
84” x 25” x 25” 

Greeter incorporates a 3-channel audio from prepared texts that are cut up, remixed and read by AI programs using male and female voices. Layered with spoken word are electronic sounds from mixer feedback. Speakers are mounted on a photograph panel with an AI generated face. Greeter is part of the Displayer series incorporating a diverse selection of AI generated faces including young, old, male, female, androgynous, and POC faces. The faces are fictional screens that identity and politics are projected onto. The digital uncanny is evoked and the idea of selfhood is entangled in an aggregate of data, images, texts, and locations. In digital capitalism, our data-double and racialized data bodies are commodities that are regulated and conditioned by interfaces used to classify, frame, and link them. I am interested in drawing attention and awareness to these evolving conditions of identity, selfhood and the digital uncanny in contemporary society.

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