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LaLaLand, 2012

Tent Gallery, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland
Bodypoint, 2012
Window film (yellow), looped audio soundtrack, PA speaker, poster
Dimensions variable
Installation view
Bodypoint poster
Digital print

Tent Gallery, Edinburgh University, Edinburgh, Scotland

Bodypoint incorporates a soundtrack, poster, and yellow tinted window. The looped sound component provides a textural soundscape as a soundtrack that played continuously through a freestanding PA speaker mounted on a tripod and facing the tinted window. The space between the speaker and the tinted window allowed a viewer to peer through the tinted film to the street, while listening to the soundtrack. The track is comprised of the sampling and heavy processing of the entire soundtrack for the film Zabriskie Point by Antonioni. The desert, according to the British architecture and design theorist, Reyner Bahham “is a projection surface positioning the body as a spatialization frame”, referring to the Mojave desert in CA as a true frontier.

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