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Roundabout/UEBA, 2012

Studio 10, Bushwick, NY
Roundabout, 2011
steel, stainless steel, ipod, PA speaker, tripod, miscellaneous cables
75” x 84” x 85”
Score for Roundabout
Digital print
Untitled Expression with 6 speakers, 2008
marker, collage on Bristol
9” x 12”

Untitled Expression with Turntable, 2008
marker, collage on Bristol
14″ x 17″
pop riveted aluminum, PA speaker, hardware, audio CD, CD playback, amp, misc. hardware, digital prints mounted on aluminum
29” x 24” x 24”

Roundabout includes a single channel audio that was composed from renderings of the sculpture. Precise elevation drawings of each side of the sculpture inside and out were translated into sound using an audio design program. A composition was created using those sound files that accompany a 3d animation of the sculpture presented on an iPod mounted to the sculpture. 

UEBA (Untitled Expression Buzz Aldrin)
Audio: From the 11-disc audio version of the book written by Buzz Aldrin “Magnificent Desolation”. Five discs are randomly selected from the set, and the tracks are randomly shuffled on a 5 disc CD changer. 

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