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Radio Break, 2012

For Your Art, Los Angeles, CA
Static Age Transmission Kiosk, 2012
Industrial shelving, wood, PA speakers, FM receiver, radio transmitter, iPod, miscellaneous cables and hardware, xerox prints, fluorescent lights
Installation view
ForYourArt, Los Angeles, CA

Radio Break—Two Weekends of Artists’ Low-Power Radio Transmissions & Live Performances
Curated by Evelena Ruether 

Radio Break is an exhibition on the air, presenting twelve artworks in locations throughout Los Angeles conveyed through low-power radio transmissions during two weeks and live events held on two consecutive weekends. Radio Break connects participants with the ambient sounds of the city, inviting them to tune in to its history, noise, narratives, and music.

The installation functioned as a transmission and playback kiosk for the performance of “Static Age”. The shelves display the radio transmitter, speakers, receiver, and graphics. 

Participating artists included Brandon LaBelle, Alyce Santoro, Lincoln Tobier, Pedro Reyes, Brendan Threadgill, Arnoldo Vargas, 2 Headed Dog, Vanessa Place, Lucy Raven, Elana Mann and ARLA, David Schafer, Richard T. Walker. 

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