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Soundtrack for a Seascape (Round), 2023

Annenberg Community Beach House, Santa Monica, CA
Soundtrack for a Seascape (Round) Posters, 2023
11” x 17”
ed: of 50

Swept Away: Love Letters to a Surrogate(s)
In the fall of 2022, sixty-five artists from Los Angeles provided sets of instructions in the form of love letters to an equal number of artists from the East End of Long Island who performed them at the waters’ edge in front of the pavilion at Main Beach in East Hampton. In the spring of 2023, East End artists wrote love letters to LA artists that were performed at Will Rogers State Beach, Santa Monica in conjunction with the 18th Street Arts Center. Over two consecutive days, April 22and 23, West Coast artists responded to prompts submitted by their East Coast counterparts addressing themes of deep ecology and the interdependence of humans with other living beings and ecological networks. 

My response to Barry Schwabsky’s poem, Soundtrack for the Seascape, was having it read in the structure of a musical round by six readers through megaphones. They were standing at the edge of the water and their voices mixed with the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. 

Warren Neidich
Anuradha Vikram

Guild Hall Director
East Hampton, NY
Julie McKim

East Coast Collaborator
Barry Schwabsky 

West Coast Collaborator
David Schafer

Annenberg Community Beach House Santa Monica
18th Street Arts Center Santa Monica
Guild Hall Museum East Hampton, Long Island, NY

Performance Readers
Kaya Cooper
Liam Harden
Siorne John
Maria Cervantes-Mejia
Jean-Paul Miller
Bree Phimphachanh

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