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Displayer, 2022

Royale Projects, Los Angeles, CA
91” x 44” x 44”
Fabricated and powder coated steel, chain, printed aluminum signs, hardware, AI generated faces
Displayer Slit Scan No. 7
Digital print on aluminum
14” x 28”
Displayer Poster, 2022
11” x 17” 
ed: 50
Displayer Slit Scan Poster, 2022
11” x 17” 
ed: 50

Displayer addresses the nature of selfhood within the realm of artificial intelligence and real life, and that appropriates the form of a commercial point-of-purchase merchandise display rack. Attached are signs with abstracted logos for social media and consumer platforms and one sign presents two AI generated faces. These faces are fictional, phantoms that identity and politics are projected onto by the viewers. Two lengths of steel chain hang down and loop from the arms of the rack. The commercial display rack is a form of relational architecture of the built world. It is where the dissemination of goods and commodities are released into the social sphere and contribute to the construction of the self within the physical realm. Here, the human is entwined within an aggregate of data, images, texts, and locations that is folded into the collective, absorbed and correlated for targeting and marketing. Individuals have become dividuals. The construction of self, the socially engineered dividual is not a self that can be contained by or understood as an individual autonomous subject.Our data-double confronts us as an assemblage of surveillance and data analytics, confusing what constitutes the individual and creating an uncanny para-self.

Displayer Slit Scan No. 7, 2021, is a digital print on aluminum that presents vertical bands or slices of AI generated faces that are intermixed with slices of abstracted social media and consumer logos. The formatting reference to the slit scan filter used in video and media plays with the idea of an aggregated and parallel self.

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