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Untitled Logos No. 1, 2019

47” x 57″
Epson inkjet on Epson paper

The Untitled Logos series combines a selection of corporate logos that includes manufacturing, fast food, fashion, oil and gas, retailers, banks, auto manufactures, media and news services, and branches of the military. Each print is comprised of 20 logos from three or four categories. The reduction of each logo is a process of editing out and erasing the identity of the corporation logo to the point of redefining and abstraction. This slows down or removes the ability to identify the specific company represented and creates a generic morphology of form between the variety of shapes and colors that are shared among them. This morphology is embedded and permeates our consumer-cultural landscape. As abstracted graphics they also refer to and may appear as modernist as reductionist and abstract painting from the mid-twentieth century. I am also interested in how the word Logo(s), plural for more than one logo, is also a term used in Theology, Linguistics, and Philosophy to represent different ways of theorizing the concepts of center, presence, ground, or origin.

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